Interview with Luxury Chicago Interior Designer from Elizabeth Krueger Design

Interview with Luxury Chicago Interior Designer from Elizabeth Krueger Design

You have mentioned that you want to create a meaningful environment for your clients. Could you tell us how that translated into the Hinsdale home that you worked on with Abruzzo Kitchen and Bath?

Creating a meaningful environment is Therefore, working with a vendor who in turn listens to us and our message is so important to the process and end result. We strongly feel as if we've found that in our partnership with Abruzzo. Michael, the COO and Senior Designer at Abruzzo Kitchen and Bath, was able to translate firm ideas, as well as loose concepts, into a beautiful end result by leveraging his knowledge of the craft. I felt sure that where our expertise ended, Michael was able to pick up and take it to the finish line.

Were there any design elements that were essential for the owner’s style when designing the bathrooms in the home? Did the products from Abruzzo Kitchen and Bath help you to achieve that style?

The homeowners were terrific partners in this process. They really trusted our firm and the
process, and let us run with the agreed upon direction. Abruzzo's ability to provide curved doors, leather wrapped inset panels, and durable finishes for the families needs helped this vision surpass all expectations.

Did you incorporate any features into the kitchen to make it a gathering space in the home?

The elements we incorporated into the kitchen to make it feel more like a gathering space are the warm finish on the island to make it feel like a piece of furniture as well as the lighting above. The light doesn't feel like an obvious choice for a kitchen island but I love how it adds an edge to the white details in this room.

What were important factors when designing the kitchen?

There was a primary question that guided the design of the kitchen. How were we going to create something that felt like the heart of the home - warm and inviting - while still feeling architecturally significant and interesting? We landed on "building in" the two side walls so that the range wall was able to stand out as the feature of the space. We also partnered with the architect to ensure we got all of the details right. One of my favorite cabinetry details in the kitchen is the mirrored toe-kick and stainless wrapped legs on the island. It makes for a nice transition between the hardwood floor and the stained cabinetry on the island.

The cabinets on the right are very unique, how did you achieve that look?

We worked with Abruzzo to achieve this detail. Abruzzo provided all the frame elements and we were able to have a local workroom upholster the panels. I love how this cabinet turned out!

The color of the cabinets in the powder room contrast beautifully with the countertops. Can you tell me about that design choice?

We used the same finish as the kitchen island, which provides continuity throughout the home but feels totally different in this context. The surrounding materials are a warmer and brighter tone. The cabinets are floating and the different hardware made for a very interesting powder room!

Are there certain design elements with Wood Mode cabinetry that you appreciate?

I appreciate that Wood Mode has a wide range of abilities, and that I am rarely met with a "No, we can't do that!" I also like that there is a less expensive line for secondary spaces that allows us to work with one company while still meeting the client’s needs.

What do you like best about working with Abruzzo Kitchen and Bath on projects?

We love working with Abruzzo because we really feel like it is a partnership that yields better results by working through problems and ideas together. Michael is a terrific sounding board and brings a tremendous amount of expertise with regards to cabinetry function and design. I appreciate his systematic approach, calm demeanor, and ability to troubleshoot his way through problems alongside our team.